Games Programmed in Python

Bill Tate tatebll at
Thu Nov 8 18:36:57 CET 2001

Pete Shinners <pete at> wrote in message news:<3BEA23A3.8010907 at>...
> > Could somebody direct me to some examples of games programmed in Python? 
> well, you could start with the game i've written, SolarWolf.
> it's actually a great example of what can be done pretty easily in 
> python. (unfortunately the server is a bit sketchy)
> this is done with the pygame library,
> pygame is a wrapper for the SDL libraries. this is a great lowlevel 
> framework for creating your own crossplatform games. there is an active 
> projects page on the pygame site which can point you towards more...

This probably goes towards more of something to get excited about in
terms of what python is capable of.  Check out 
There FAQ page used to discuss how they are using Python's stackless
implementation - I'm presuming they still are using it since it was
part of the 'core' - very cool.

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