Sizing Up Graphics Automatically

Kevin Cazabon kevin at
Fri Nov 16 22:59:43 CET 2001

Actually, it's very easy using Python and PIL (Python Imaging Library,
see, I do a very similar thing on my website,
sizing graphics to the resolution of the user's browser before sending
them (to save bandwidth).

I use JavaScript on the client side to send me the screen resolution
(to a Python cgi script), and process the image from there.


for the example.  If you are interested, I'll gladly provide the
source code I use.  (it's actually a very nicely automated photo album
script, combo Perl/Python.  All I do is create a folder, drop images
in (any size), and the script does the rest... they're online
immediately, in a category named by the folder I created.)

Kevin Cazabon.

Ben Ocean <zope at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1005924983.29807.python-list at>...
> Hi;
> Is it possible to automatically size up a graphic upon upload and 
> programmatic insertion into a script? I use Zope and want to build a 
> through-the-Web interface to enable my client to automatically change/add 
> photos, but I want to set the site up such that all the dimensions of 
> graphics, font sizes, etc., are resized depending on the visitor's browser 
> resolution. In order to do that, I *must* somehow capture the dimensions of 
> the uploaded graphic programmatically? Any ideas how to do this? Anybody 
> have some code they'd like to share?
> TIA,
> BenO

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