ping with python

Matthew Dixon Cowles matt at
Mon Nov 5 20:16:35 CET 2001

On Mon, 05 Nov 2001 17:24:29 GMT, Paul Pfaff <paul.pfaff at>



> I'm looking to write a simple Ping tool in Python 2.1.1 to log
> response time xx ms.

> Python is new for me and I find it really interesting. For the
> moment I have buy following good books :

> - Programming Python (Mark Lutz, O'Reilly)
> - Learning Python (Mark Lutz, David Ascher, O'Reilly)
> But, can you help me please :

> 1. I need the reference of a beginner book how explain the basic
> functions, or if possible a URL.

There are some good introductions and other things linked from:

Much of that is geared toward folks who aren't programmers. There are
other links as well at:

> 2. Can you tell me if an IP library is available ? (commands : ping,
> tracert....)

There's the socket module which will allow you to write your own
programs that use sockets. Jeremy Hylton implemented ping and

and I implemented ping:

But from the way you spell tracert, I expect that you're using Windows.
Those programs are likely to run under NT but not under 95/98/ME. I
don't know about 2000.


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