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Sat Nov 24 13:36:03 CET 2001

Hey guys,
Thank you very much for the answers....I loved this group and I'll
definitely stick around to share your expertise!
I used the solution mentioned by Jeff:
At the very end of your script, add this line: raw_input("Press Enter to
But I also will keep all others in mind.
Yesterday (friday) I got the book "python blible" and I am inmersing myself
in it. This is my first serious atempt to learn a programming language (I
know HTML and some PHP/MySql), but I think Phyton is the way to go for a
fisrt full programming language, right?
Have a great weekend you all,
Willie, NY

Power-Tech wrote:

> I am a very newby at phyton, actually I started messing with it two days
> ago. I have a
> question that may be so dumb that I was afraid of posting in the
> mailgroup, could anyone answer me or direct me to someone who can?
>  The problem is:
> I create a small program with the Python IDLE gui, save it as a .py
> file, when I double click to open the file, a DOS window opens but
> closes immediately, without running the program, or if it is a
> calculating program, as soon as I type something, the window closes.
> I am using Windows 98 OS.
> Thanks for your reply...
> Willie
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