How much is set in stone?

Tim Peters at
Sat Nov 10 01:39:53 CET 2001

[Paul Rubin]
> ...
> Part of the question "can I write robust applications in Python" is
> "how reliable is the interpreter, really?".  I've seen Python 2.1.1
> inexplicably crash several times.  One thing that another language
> might give you besides compiler warnings and false senses of security
> is implementations that don't crash.
> Overall Python seems pretty reliable but I think its implementation is
> not yet as well shaken out as some other languages' implementations.
> I'm happy writing web applications in Python.  I could not in good
> conscience recommend writing life critical apps (medical implant
> firmware, avionics, etc.) in Python in its present form.

I invite anyone who cares to study the bug lists for Perl, gcc and Python,
and draw an informed conclusion from that.  You (Paul) have spread FUD about
2.1.1 before, and I can assure you we didn't pay everyone on to
refrain from posting "me too!", neither to write about their Python apps
running for months at a time.  Your experience remains unique,
irreproducible (last I heard), and *could* be caused by any number of
computer problems, both hardware and software.  While *a priori* a crash in
a Python program is most likely a bug in Python, the lack of any confirming
reports also requires explanation.

    y'rs  - tim

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