writnig my first programm

Felix Seeger seeger at sitewaerts.de
Thu Nov 22 09:37:45 CET 2001

Kragen Sitaker wrote:

> Felix Seeger <seeger at sitewaerts.de> writes:
>> A "adminclient <--> server <--> server-client" programm (all scripts are
>> stored in the server and they will be given to the server-client if
>> someone runs a command from the adminclient.
>> The adminclient could be a GUI or a WebInterface.
>> It's nice because the Server has always an uptodate version of the
>> scripts.
>> What do you think, is this possible ?
> As far as I understand, you want to keep your scripts in one place so
> you can update them, and you want to be able to run them, either on a
> particular server or on all the servers at once, in response to a GUI
> or web interface.  That's very possible, and probably pretty easy; you
> could do it with a shell script from a web interface.

Ok, but my Problem is: How can I transfer the commands from the 
Webinterface to the Server?

About ssh or with my own server <--> client.
I don't know, can I talk about ssh without entering a passwort and saving 
it in my python scripts ?
I could scp a script to the server, and then ssh to run is, delete it.


have fun

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