python development practices?

Peter Wang pzw1 at
Thu Nov 1 15:41:09 CET 2001

thanks for the warning.  we're adopting the convention of all data is
default private (unless in a rare, commented exception case), using
get/set functions, and the rule of "if it ain't in the unit test,
don't use it."


On Thu, 01 Nov 2001 09:41:27 +0100, Laura Creighton <lac at>

>Be careful with the leading underscore thingie.  I have more trouble
>with python code written by people (who don't work here) who apparantly
>as a last step turn _every_ attribute in their class into a _variable.
>I come along and want to subclass them, or make a helper class ....
>I'm also tired of finding 3 classes which absolutely, positively,
>_must_ live in the same file; especially since this is so rarely documented.
>Laura Creighton

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