Designing socket messaging format

Stephen shriek at
Tue Nov 13 02:27:46 CET 2001

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> > I'm developing a program which sends messages back and forth 
> > between two servers using sockets.  The message format I've 
> Why not save yourself a little coding and just use netstrings?
>      more info:
>  advogato copy: 
>    python code:
>    description:

Thanks for pointing this out. Is anybody actually
using it though ? Would be a bit concerned with it
being 0.2 release.

I guess the main reason not to use netstrings is 
the ability to interface with other servers that
don't have the netstrings package or the desire to
install it.  Sockets seem to be the lowest
common denominator.

I'll keep an eye on it though. Thanks.


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