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Thu Nov 15 20:07:15 CET 2001

Cary Coulter <cwc_NO at> wrote:
> While I've learned a lot of Python in the last year, all my scripts
> have run from the command line or as CGI programs.  I'm very happy
> with it all.

> I am interested in developing gui wrappers for a couple of my command
> line scripts to make them easier to use, especially under Windows.  I
> don't have any experience with the gui toolkits yet.  I'm looking for
> some hints on the pros/cons to help make a good choice.  I'm really
> looking at just learning one of them.

> I have looked at the demos for wxPython.  Have to say I like what I
> see, but I haven't tried to develop anything yet.

> Platforms would be Linux (primary), Windows, and AIX (didn't see any
> prebuilt code for wxPython).

Regulars to this newsgroup won't be surprised to hear me chiming in :-).

You should be able to use PyQt on all these platforms - but you will
have to build Qt and PyQt yourself of AIX. Qt includes a great designer
module, which generates XML that can be used to generate Python. And
PyQt is very well documented...

I've just finished writing and editing a book on the subject - it
should be going to the printer any day now, but you can read a previous
version (which strangely enough doesn't include the screenshots) at 

As soon as the book is in printing, Opendocs will be setting up a 
webforum where all the sample code be downloaded.


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