ANNOUNCE: Optik 1.0 (new command-line parsing library)

Gustavo Niemeyer niemeyer at
Wed Nov 14 16:41:14 CET 2001

> OK, I think I'll add this feature.  Still haven't decided to enable it
> by default, but I'm leaning that way right now -- it improves usability
> and shouldn't ruin anyone's day, especially since "--" can always be
> used for "stop processing options now".

Very nice!

> I'll also see about adding "store_many" as a standard action.  Sounds
> like it would be useful.  Those two features should be enough to justify
> Optik 1.1.

Yes, I can think about some uses for it.

> Just keep the name and the copyright message intact, please!

Hey... I'd never remove it. :-)

Btw, we're using part of distutils (you're the main author, afaik) in
two "semi-internal" projects (semi, because it is for our own use, but
it's being published on sourceforge). Since there was no copyright
notice in the files, I've just included a reference to distutils in all
"borrowed" files. I've also changed the line parsing mechanism to do
some extra features (multiple options with same name and mixed options
and arguments).

See ya!

Gustavo Niemeyer

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