[OT] PostgreSQL Book

Markus Jais mjais at web.de
Tue Nov 27 09:41:05 CET 2001

On Tue, 27 Nov 2001 03:07:49 +0100, python wrote:

> Hello,
> Well, we didn't want to do what the Addison Wesley book did. The A&W
> book is about 500 pages and IMHO doesn't cover any topic in depth. Not
> to mention most of it is regurgitated from the website.
> We were able to produce 600 pages or original in depth material. The
> only chapter than could probably use some real beefing up is the JDBC
> chapter.
> Basically we want to present a solid book. If we were going to produce a
> python chapter, I would prefer (and we are talking about it) to have a
> book that covered say, Python and Perl... for a total of about 500/600
> pages.
> J

this sounds great. but as somebody already said, please do not mix
up perl and python in one book. although I like Python and Perl (and
Ruby), I think it would be better to do a smaller and cheaper book
which focuses only on python (or Ruby, or Perl)

for example, newriders has a great book called "mysql and perl for the
a book like this covering python + postgresql would be great. I would
definitely buy it.


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