Scientific Libraries in Python

Chris Barker chrishbarker at
Tue Nov 13 21:14:59 CET 2001

Horatio Davis wrote:

> What I am advocating is a standard extension library for doing scientific
> computing in Python, in the same way that Numeric is the de-facto standard
> extension library for doing number crunching in Python.
> Of course, this thread has seen no comment yet from the authors of scipy
> and Scientific Python (which seem to be the two key codebases), or the
> other software projects which build on these.  There might be some
> perfectly obvious reason why this is a horribly bad idea...

But Scientific Python already is exactly what you are advocating! It
isn't the least bit complete, but as far as I can tell, it's goals are
exactly what you want. The only question is why other folks are still
doing their own little projects, rather than contibuting to SciPy. One
anser, with Scientific Pyhton at least, is that it waws around long
before the SciPy project got started.


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