Python IDE Opinion Request

A. Keyton Weissinger keyton at
Sun Nov 18 05:26:00 CET 2001

Hello All,

I am a recent inductee into the Pythonista Cult. I use MicroEdge's Visual
SlickEdit (mostly so I can go back and forth with Python and Java, and Perl
and Java, and HTML and Java, etc).

However, I've played with a few of the Python IDEs out there. Some are nice,
some are cute. None soom the "obvious" choice.

0) This question must have been asked before. Can someone point me in the
direction of the last set of answers?
[If not:]
1) Do you use a code editor (SlickEdit, emacs, etc) or an IDE (IDLE, etc)?
2) Are there any IDEs out there that allow me to do UIs easily (ala VB)? I
don't want a big code generator, but being able to drag and drop some simple
forms would be nice...
3) Does anyone out there use SlickEdit for Python? Any tips and tricks for
that combo?

Thank you all. I know I'm telling you nothing you don't already know, but
Python rocks!

Why is it not out there more????



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