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>> Gary Stephenson wrote:
>> > Umm, I'm not really sure this is a claim we should be 
>> making!  Next thing
>> > you'll have us claiming responsibility for making disco 
>> popular - and then
>> > they'll just have to shoot us!  ;-)
>> but Steve Irwin is your fault, right?
>Actually, much as Steve Irwin is a joke, he's also bloody good at what
>he does. His over-the-top "Australian" antics are soley for the benefit
>of his US viewers.

Hey, the crocodile hunter doesn't put on an act, that *is* him. Have you 
seen him on the Sydney Footy Show? That man is the very definition of the 
word 'bloke'.

>I still get a shakey feeling in my stomach when I think of him being
>tasted by a fierce snake - even knowing that he lived, that really
>scared me. 

Now if that had been Fatty Vautin the cheering would have been heard all 
the way to New Zealand, but I digress.

>For those who don't know, the fierce snake is the eastern banded taipan,
>the most venomous snake in the world. Immediately after hatching, it
>contains enough venom to kill 100 rats (or was it 100 humans? I forget).
>An adult human generally has time to walk about 50 metres before death
[snip story of Steve Irwin being, well, Steve Irwin]

Getting this conversation back on track, has anyone noticed that the 
Australian cricket team seems to have been taking lessons from their 
English counterparts? What a spectacular batting collapse at the Gabba this 
afternoon. It makes this particular expatriate Pom proud.

and-lets-not-even-start-on-Bardot-ly y'rs,
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