AppBars in Win32 -- SUCCESS

Keith Farmer kfarmer at
Fri Nov 23 11:48:17 CET 2001

After beating my head against various things, I have successfully created an
AppBar under Win32.  What's an AppBar, you ask?

An AppBar is a window docked at the edge of the screen, such that Windows
knows about it, and adjusts the desktop boundaries accordingly.  The taskbar
is one such example.

Currently, I've managed to get it to dock and undock on various sides of the
screen.  I haven't done anything fancy, like dragging it to dock/undock, nor
has the window been more complex than a blank frame under wxPython.  The
extension I wrote interfaces to the SHAppBarMessage function, and uses part
of the win32 extensions to determine screen size.  I've borrowed some
constants from an attempt by Bill Bell to perform the same task.  If I'm
correct, this extension should work with both PythonWin and wxPython.

I'll next be trying to put widgets in the frame.

Keith J. Farmer
kfarmer at

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