[OT] Flame War (python, perl, vi, emacs, the works!)

Jonathan Gardner jgardn at alumni.washington.edu
Wed Nov 28 16:03:10 CET 2001

Now let us begin the monthly flame war...

> Real Programmers use Emacs.

IANARP =) But I play one on TV.

> [So do I.  But not usually for Python; I hardly ever write any Python,
> and when I do I usually just type it at the prompt -- no editor]

AACK! You should be using *perl* for that...

Python is great for large projects; perl is great for one liners.
Rinse, repeat.

[no editor??? I'll pass on that...]

> > * In case you're wondering what editor I use, let me just say that it
> > works really well with the email client that sucks less than all the
> > others.
> That's Gnus.  So you use Emacs!

Err... you *DO* know the slogan for mutt, right? "The email client that 
sucks less than all the others."

> Right?  Do I win a chocolate fish? :-)


Enjoy. Have another...



* No harm intended... just fun for fun's sake.

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