File upload in python module?

Martin Franklin martin.franklin at
Thu Nov 1 11:51:18 CET 2001

DeepBlue wrote:

> Wayne
> Yes, there is an excellent script that can do that.  It is by Tom
> Middleton
> and it does a great job.  In addition, it is highly configurable.
> The zip file if and you can find it on the Python Vaults
> archive under CGI.
> Always look there and see what they have and make a Google search too and
> you are going to find many things.
> DeepBlue
> "Wayne Ringling" <wayne at> wrote in message
> news:mailman.1004447070.3098.python-list at
>>  I am working on a web project that needs a way to upload a gif or jpg
>>  (or
>> any file I guess) to a web server via the web interface. I have seen them
> in
>> perl and java.  I am trying to use all python.  Is there a python module
> or
>> script already done to handle this?  I looked thru the module list at
>> but didn't see anything that looked like it would handle it.
>> Maybe I missed it.  Any pointers or ideas. Thanks
>> Wayne

Read this:-

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