Python & cgi on win98--tinyweb problems, etc

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> >> Any other recommendations for small simple web servers for this
> >> project?
> >>
> >Run, do not walk, to, and download the freeware load.
> >
> >It runs well, with a very small footprint, and besides allowing CGI
> >scripting and having web-based administration it also lets you build
> >long-running web processes in Python! Naturally you can specify which
> >interfaces you want to use to serve web content (and naturally you will
> >to limit yourself to I ditched PWS a year ago and have never
> >looked back.
> >
> >regards
> > Steve
> I'll check it out.  Could you expound a bit on your statement that "it
> also lets you build long-running web processes in Python"?  What does
> that imply?

It's another way to implement web process persistence similar to mod_python
and mod_apache. The Xitami server listens for LRWPs, which connect with an
announcment that they are prepared to handle a given class of URLs.

When such requests come in, instead of being handled in the "traditional"
(file store or CGI) way, the request is passed to the appropriate LRWP over
a CGI-like interface. Because Xitami is based on a threaded library, several
LRWPs can register to serve the same URLs, and such a set of processes can
be treated as a pool.

There's a Python example towards the end of

which was written by Robin Dunn. His name, if you know anything about
wxPython, should be some indication of the quality of the Xitami/Python LRWP
solution. I've been very impressed.

but-maybe-i'm-too-easy-to-impress-ly y'rs  - steve

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