Should we trust .NET?

Jonathan Gardner jgardn at
Wed Nov 28 16:52:00 CET 2001

> > Look at Visual C++. Portability? Compatability? Ha.
> >
> > Look what they did to Java, HTTP, HTML, and JavaScript.
> What did they do to Java, HTTP, HTML, and JavaScript?

HTML/JavaScript: Non-compliant web pages that only work for IE and not for 
the other. Trying to add stuff to HTML without going through the standard 
process, and then advertising it as if everyone does it.

HTTP: They still haven't built a server that actually works.

Java: C# is the result of their failed efforts to commandeer this language. 
Sun had to take them to court to get them to stop.

And we should all know what they did to C++. The declaration of variables 
inside a for loop survives outside of the loop. You can't compile anything 
that works with windows without enabling this "feature"... they still don't 
support templates properly... they didn't implement exceptions hardly at 
all, and they don't even use it.

> > Microsoft is in the business of making money, not software.
> Is Sun and Netscape any different?

Sun and Netscape make(made) software as well as money.


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