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Tue Nov 6 08:33:22 CET 2001

On 05-Nov-2001 Graham Dumpleton wrote:
 >  Depending on your requirements, you might consider an XML-RPC based
 >  solution. There are a number of toolkis available for Python which 
 >  support XML-RPC and by using such an approach you need not have to 
 >  worry about writing any significant code to respond to socket 
 >  requests nor to handling the marshalling
 >  or unmarshalling of data as the toolkits do this for you.
 >  For a complete example of a simple XML-RPC based system have a look at:
 >  If you search around on the same site you should find other XML-RPC
 >  examples using other server side toolkits as well.

Thanks. I'll look into that. For the moment I'm considering sockets. 
It's simple enough for my brain to grasp. But nothing is carved in 
stone yet.


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