Alan Kennedy alanmk at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 30 12:47:35 CET 2001

missive at frontiernet.net (Lee Harr) wrote in message 
> > Does anyone have any details of such ZPT/DreamWeaver problems?
> You should really look at the zope mailing list for questions
> such as these. Those people really know zope. (zope at zope.org)

Thanks Lee, you were of course right, the Zope mailing list was the
place to look.

The reason I didn't go to the Zope mailing list first was because I
don't actually intend to use Zope, just ZPT.

> One problem I remember them talking about was trying to load files
> that do not end in .html or .htm or .gif or .jpg or etc

>From my reading of the Zope archives, it appears that there are
(solvable)problems with DW, Zope and WebDav, which arise when users
try to upload files to a Zope server.

However, since I'm not using Zope, these problems don't affect me.

So I think I'm going to give ZPT (not Zope) a try as a Page Template

I'll report back on my experiences sometime in the future, if anyone
is interested.



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