Zope database vs. MySQL

flynt flynt at gmx.ch
Mon Nov 26 15:40:31 CET 2001

Mich Hiker wrote:
> I'm a new Zope user - developing web-based curriculum materials for a school
> district.  Can anyone tell me the advantages of configuring MySQL to use in
> tandem with Zope over using Zope's built-in database?  I've heard Zope is
> faster using it's own DB, but others have told me it is limited and I should
> go with MySQL.  Any thoughts?
> Thanks.

Hi Mich

I think the question is not so much about the performance in first place
but how you design your application and especially the persistence layer

The Zope built-in database (ZODB) is an object database whereas MySQL is
a relational database. You can use both approaches (combined or ZODB
only) for industrial-strength applications. I do not agree with a
statement like *... the ZODB is limited...*. This is too much of a
simplification and misses the essential point completely: Do you want to
use an object oriented database for your persistence layer or do you
want to use a relational one ?

It might be worth the effort to play around a little bit with Zope (and
the ZODB) to make your own experiences. You can could follow the
examples in the Zope book for example, especially the chapters about
Databases and about ZClasses. You can have a look at the Zope Book here:

Maybe there is someone in the Zope mailing list, who did something
similar already. You might wish to subscribe and post your question
again there. Here is the link to the subscription page of the Zope
mailing list:


--- Flynt

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