Designing socket messaging format

Chris Tavares christophertavares at
Tue Nov 13 03:59:24 CET 2001

"Manoj Plakal" <terabaap at> wrote in message
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>        Basically, we need a portable, light-weight messaging
>        protocol with a simple way of finding out how
>        to connect to an application and calling some
>        of the methods it exposes. Without having to
>        do HTTP and XML and all that stuff that comes
>        with XML-RPC and SOAP.
>        I came across Scarab at
>        This is interesting though the project's been abandoned.
>        Any comments?
>        Manoj

This is pretty much the goal of COM on Windows systems. It's potentially
very light weight - for simple addins, it's an inprocess function call.

You might want to look at the Mozilla XPCOM stuff.


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