win32 - create/access file properties on NTFS

David Bolen db3l at
Sat Nov 3 00:20:27 CET 2001

datalim at (Data) writes:

> How do I create/access the extra information while
> we right click a file on NTFS at the "Summary" tab?

Just to follow up to my other post - I just realized that I think the
"Summary" tag is application specific, so the odds are that the
information is just stored in the file in an RCDATA (application
defined raw data) resource.  So the prior functions I mentioned ought
to let you detect the data in the file, but not necessarily decode the
contents.  I'm not that familiar with how the shell decodes those
resources - perhaps by using the owning application or something?

If this is for office documents (e.g., Word, Excel) then I believe
that information is considered "Properties" of the document, and
access to them would be through some published COM interfaces
(IPropertySetStorage and IPropertyStorage).  Or you can automate the
office application itself.  Microsoft also has a downloadable add-on
(dsofile.dll) that adds an automatable COM object layer above this.

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