Open a windows database file with a path name?

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Wed Nov 14 17:42:09 CET 2001

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> >There's a good web page offering clues about working with ADODB
> >and Python. (If I could remember where it is I'd even tell you!)
> >
> >Bill
> Excellent - exactly what I was looking for.  After writing the
> origninal post, I realised that as I was using an access database, the
> non cross-platform nature of using win32com wouldn't really matter.
> However, I haven't even scratched the surface of the win32 extensions,
> so thanks for the example to get me started.
> If you do remember the URL please post it up here.

try my page @

> PS, what's the "r" for in "( r'ADODB.Recordset' )"?
the r makes the string that follows raw, that is, special characters,
escaped characters and the like will be ignored. i don't think it necessary
here though it isn't uncommon.


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