RogueLike Games in Python

Lucio Torre lucio at
Thu Nov 22 21:56:16 CET 2001

Stefan Antoni wrote:

>On Wed, Nov 21, 2001 at 09:47:12PM -0800, Erik Max Francis wrote:
>>"A. Keyton Weissinger" wrote:
>>>Anyone know of any written completely (i.e. not just partially) in
>>>Thanks in advance...
>>I don't believe there are any, although there are a few in progress. 
>>You can check in for more information.
>>As a side note about the sad level of understanding of Python in the
>>world, there was a thread in that newsgroup about how BASIC would be a
>>superior choice for creating a Roguelike than Python ...
>I started to implement something like that in python, but i'm not
>skilled enough to code a robust game engine (threading-problems, 
>server/client problems, KI problems, lack of gameplay etc.).
>Anybody who's working at this kind of game in pure python?
>I'm highly interested in this, too.
i am trying to do one. i did a first attemp in python games with 
pysteroids (, and now im going for an elite 
multiplayer kind of game. not exaclty rogue, but multiplayer rpg...


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