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> stephen cox wrote:
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> > I just started with Python. Have some basic questions. For work, I wanna
> > develop some data entry screens for our sql server - so I assume there's a
> > database library out there that gives me functions to connect to a sql
> > server? 

You can use ODBC which, which have several implementations, one is
included with win32 extensions as far as I know, and you can also use
mxODBC which is more full featured but I think it costs money to use.

Also you can use win32com (win32 extensions from active state) to use
ADO that interfaces to SQL server and several other products.

>Also, for the web, does Python run as a CGI with II5 or is there
> > some dll that hooks into IIS5? Last question, does Zope need the zserver? I
> > keep reading that it can run on any server but, I haven't found anything
> > that tells me how to run it with IIS. Is it just a matter of
>running Python?

I have not seen any so called Fast CGI's for Python on IIS, I tried to
make one and had a proof of concept up and running, but my focus
wandered to other things. Maybe I'll get back to it someday.

To set up Python for ordinary CGI under IIS you have to flip up the
inetmgr applet and configure the site you will be publishing .py files

Choose the Home Directory sheet, press Configuration button.

Choose App Mappings sheet from the new dialog that pops up. Press Add.

In the application mappings dialog you fill in the path to the python
interpreter and "%s" %s

Fill out .py for the extension (you could name it anything, but then
you would have to rename your python cgi scripts to that extension
Check the script engine hook to make python cgi files only need script
permissions and you're ready to go.

Check out the python documentation for ways to test that cgi is

You can also use python as the script language in IIS asp pages. This
support is bundled with the win32 extensions from Active State.


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