Python VM on Lego Mindstorms

Jeff Sandys sandysj at
Wed Nov 7 17:51:35 CET 2001

Manoj Plakal wrote:
> Has there been any work on porting the Python VM to
> run on a Lego Mindstorms RCX brick? So that robot
> control programs can be written in Python.

I think the better solution would be to create a set 
of classes that represent the RCX primitives.  Then 
each class would send 'compiled' instructions to the 
RCX.  Then the RCX wouldn't the whole of Python.

Forth is the only language that fully loads into 
the RCX.  JVM is intended to have a small footprint, 
the rest of Java is outside of the RCX.  

I believe that this is the way that MIT's Yellow 
Brick Logo works.  The Logo program is written in 
LCSI's MicroWorlds.  The YBL os replaces the 
Mindstorms os in the RCX.  MicroWorlds sends the 
instructions to the RCX.

Jeff Sandys

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