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robin at execulink.com robin at execulink.com
Sat Nov 24 00:44:26 CET 2001

Are there any standards-based platform-neutral web-hosted email
clients that have a clean extensible architecture and interface?

Requirements include LDAP support for address books and IMAP for
centralised mail message storage. It would also make sense if they
used the new email module to incorporate easy handling of attachments,

I am aware of two choices, neither one of which meets these
requirements. But I'm sure someone has invented this wheel already.

GoMail is specific to MS platforms running ODBC and uses lots of
Javascripty stuff for the interface. It relies on MySql for the
database; address are stored in XML. It does not use the email module
but the design is fairly clean and is the best choice for a starting

BoboMail requires ZPublisher and ZTemplates and is rather impenetrable
(unless you are familiar with those modules, presumably). It does not
use either LDAP or IMAP but rather dbm storage.

Any other suggestions?

robin at brainexeculink.com
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