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I think of the whole concept of free having many facets.  Imagine a cake was
baked and I was free to eat it.  Now the cake can be made according to the
following methods:
1.  The cook makes the cake, gives it to us to eat, and doesn't share the
2.  The cooks makes the cake, gives it to us to eat, and hands out copies of
the recipe.
3.  Several cooks try a variation of the cake, based on the original recipe,
and give it to us to eat.
Now there are probably other variations above, but from the philosophy of
pragmatism, I can have my cake, and eat it to. 

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> The PSU failed! A post about the PSU escaped to the world in its
> entirety!
> We are fre

In case the intended word was "free", I'd like to point out that there are
different philosophies about free software, only one is correct, and's mission is to educate the world about which one that is.  Don't
forget that extremism in defense of freedom is no vice.

just-following-orders-but-don't-feel-good-about-it-ly y'rs  - tim

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