mapping a statement over all list items

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Sun Nov 11 16:32:24 CET 2001

"Kevin Christie" <crispiewm at> wrote in message
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> Hello all!
>    I have list Foo, of strings. Each string has a special character
> within the string. What I want is for Python to split each string
> item by '-' and assign the resulting lists to the original list
> Basically, I want to apply:

If you are satisfied with a *new* list with corresponding split-up
then the map or comprehension idioms work great.  If you literally
'assign the resulting lists to the original list item',
then you need a for loop with explicit indexes.

>>> import string
>>> sl = ['abc-xyz', 'black-blue', '123-987']
>>> for i in range(len(sl)): sl[i] = string.split(sl[i], '-')
>>> sl
[['abc', 'xyz'], ['black', 'blue'], ['123', '987']]

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