Non-Indented python

Tim Peters tim at
Wed Nov 28 23:51:25 CET 2001

[Chris Barker]
> After reading a whole lot of sometimes ugly bickering, it seems to me
> that most of us Python users do agree on one thing:
> Mixing tabs and spaces is a BAD idea.


> If it is true that there is general consensus about this, is there any
> movement to disallow it altogether in the Python interpreter?

Nope.  The "nanny" in "tabnanny" is there for a reason:  grownups have no
problems here.

> Personally, I would prefer that future versions of Python would allow
> ONLY tabs or ONLY spaces, but clearly there would be a major
> disagreement about which to use.

It would be spaces -- "4-space indents, no hard tab characters anywhere" is
the coding standard for the Python library.  Tools/scripts/ is
routinely run over the Lib directory to ensure it stays that way, too.

    1993<wink>-ly y'rs  - tim

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