[ANN] pyLaTeX -LaTeX to HTML, XML, etc. Conversion Framework

Kevin Smith Kevin.Smith at themorgue.org
Thu Nov 8 03:20:58 CET 2001

I'm glad you asked that.  :)  As a matter of fact, I have the pythondoc macros 
partially implemented and they are bundled along with the other renderers.  
They still need some work (this is an alpha release after all).  But since the 
python documentation doesn't use equations or graphical environments the fact 
that that functionality hasn't been implemented yet isn't a problem.

In article <mailman.1005181149.23870.python-list at python.org>, Anthony Baxter 
<anthony at interlink.com.au> wrote:
>So, can it replace the latex2html generated python docs? That would be
>the acid test... (and would probably make Fred happy, too...)
>>>> Kevin Smith wrote
>> pyLaTeX 1.0 alpha-1.1
>> --------------------------------
>> pyLaTeX is a LaTeX document processing framework written entirely in Python. 
>> It comes bundled with HTML and generic XML renderers, and other renderers can
>> be added as well. 
>> pyLaTeX differs from other tools like LaTeX2HTML, TeX4ht, TtH, etc. in that 
>> the parsing and rendering of the document are completely separated. This 
>> separation makes it possible to render the document in multiple output 
>> formats. It also allows the parser to create a cleaner document object, so 
>> that the rendering process is easier. 
>> This is the first public release of pyLaTeX and is not yet feature complete. 
>> Most notably, there is no functionality for generating images from graphical 
>> LaTeX environments and equations.
>> Full documentation and downloads are available at 
>> http://pylatex.sourceforge.net/.
>> Kevin Smith
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