Does rotor follow a cross-language encryption algorithm ?

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Fri Nov 23 23:24:49 CET 2001


"Stephen" <shriek at> wrote in message
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> Does the Python 'rotor' module conform cross-language algorithm
> that is also used in the corresponding C & Java libraries ?
> If so, where could I find the algorithm ?

Sorry, no idea.

> Why isn't
> in the Python lib directory ?

The rotor modul is built into the python library (at least in my
ActivePython 2.1.1 distribution)
If it is not builtin, it is still a C extension module (rotor.pyd for
Windows, probably or on *nix)

You find the C sourcecode in the file Modules/rotormodule.c (if you have
source code installed, of course).

> Also, is it possible for the output of the rotor to ever
> include \r, \n or CRLF ?

see 1st remark :-)


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