Strange Tkinter behaviour

Tomasz Lisowski jtlispl at
Thu Nov 29 16:46:46 CET 2001

Uzytkownik "Laura Creighton" <lac at> napisal w wiadomosci
news:mailman.1007040459.25437.python-list at
> Try calling update_idletasks().  On occasion I have had that work
> when update() didn't.
> Laura Creighton

Unfortunately, it did not help in my case. The text is displayed in the
drawing only after the button is clicked again, even if update_idletasks()
is called.

I wonder, whether there is a mechanism suspending the Tkinter event loop, so
that other event-based applications (not using Tkinter) could get access,
and perform their duties.

Tomasz Lisowski

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