Mass mailing module for Python

Max M maxm at
Thu Nov 29 14:06:59 CET 2001

I have been whip up a mass mailing system for one of our customers, that
needs to adress about 25-40.000 of their cosumers by email regularly.

The mails will all be different with personalized content. So i guess that a
regular list manager like mailman is out of the question.

Without having tried it I guess that using a regular mailserver and then
just sending tons of mails from that, one at a time, wont work either.
Though it would be very easy. Here I am thinking about bouncing mail and
unavailable mailservers, but I could be wrong.

Doest anybody have an idea as to how I should approach this in Python? Has
anybody tried it?

I know that I could write a test, but the problem is that it's pretty hard
to realistically test sending 25000 emails out in the wild. So in this case
my hope is that somebody else has made the mistakes before me.

regards Max M

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