Problem formatting Python docs with MikTeX

Michael Abbott at
Mon Nov 5 19:42:45 CET 2001

luecking at (Dan Luecking) wrote in
news:66e0420f.0111051008.11b30844 at 

> It would seem you have two choices: 
> ...
> 2. Use a command line option. Quoting from the MiKTeX 2.1 manual: 
>        The command-line option --include-directory=folder allows 
>      you to extend the input search path for one invocation of TeX. 

Aha!  I should have spotted that (I can't find *anything* in Windows help 
file format documents...)

> I can't immediately check if this option was available before version
> 2.1. 

Well, 2.1 will do just fine for me, thanks very much!

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