New to pyton. Maybe a dumb question?

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Fri Nov 9 15:27:17 CET 2001

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> Cliff Pruitt wrote:

> Python must be interpreted, unless a native-code compiler is used. The
> one I know of is the .NET ActiveState Python compiler (and I'm not even
> sure it is one).
> This means that you have to have an interpreter running where you want to
> run Python code.  There are two approaches:
> A) Require the interpreter to be installed, as you said.
> B) Use a tool like py2exe and stick the Python code and its dependencies
> the Python file, and hand over an interpreter DLL with the package.

In fact this is muche easier than it sounds, and to the end user it will
work exactly as a normal program.

At least under windows there is an .exe file and everything.

You will have to create a different distribution for every platform you want
it to be run on, but This can be automated so it will not be a pain to do.

regards Max M

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