ANNOUNCE: PySteroids 2.0

pehr pehr at
Sun Nov 4 15:57:17 CET 2001

Oops, this version has a bug! Two files are missing:
fire.bmp and ship.bmp that can be copied in from
the previous pysteroids-1.1 release to make it work.

When these files were not found, pysteroids failed
rather ingracefully, leaving me trapped with a
blank screen in one case and killing my X session
in another.

In all pysteroids is lots of fun!
I like the feel of it and it seems like a base
that can be exteneded nicely. If you are looking
for feature ideas, I'd order it like this:
  1. Antialiased fonts on introduction / instructions
  2. Antialiased graphics for ship, asteroid images
     would give the game a really professional look
  3. Use of alpha blending on explosion graphics
     so they don't look quite so chunky. The current
     explosion effect is quite nice but edges do show.
  4. Better collision detection for missles & ship.
     I seem to be able to shoot throught the edge of a
     ship and graze asteroids with imputnity.
     Maybe you could split some objects into more
     rectangles for the purpose of collision detection
     or else use a separate collision verification
     algorithm on objects after being detected as
     being "near" eachother with overlapping major rectangles.

Good work!  I think this is a fun game and look
forward to testing out new versions as you release them!
Please add me to your mailing list if you have one.
Thanks for adding some fun to my day.



Lucio Torre wrote:

> Im happy! this is public release of pysteroids 2.0. my asteroids game 
> done with pygame.
> Nothing near paradigm shifting in games, but its my baby.
> check it out at:
> lucio.

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