mapping a statement over all list items

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Sun Nov 11 10:29:02 CET 2001

On Sun, Nov 11, 2001 at 03:10:15AM -0600, Kevin Christie wrote:
> Hello all!
>   I have list Foo, of strings. Each string has a special character '-' 
> within the string. What I want is for Python to split each string list 
> item by '-' and assign the resulting lists to the original list item.
> Basically, I want to apply:
> Foo[x] = Foo[x].split('-')
> over all items x in Foo, in one clean statement.
> Thus if Foo was ['abc-xyz', 'black-blue', '123-987'], the result after 
> mapping to Foo would be:
> Foo = [ ['abc', 'xyz'], ['black','blue'], ['123','987'] ]
> It seems as if there should be a way to map the function over all items [...]
:-) Check out the map builtin in the documentation. Basically, the form is
map(function, sequence), like in:

import string
input = ['abc-xyz', 'black-blue']
result = map(lambda x, string.split(x, '-'), input)

Other tools for functional programming are lambda, apply, reduce and zip. Very
often, list comprehensions are easier to use and more readable than using map
and friends. For your example:

import string
input = ['abc-xyz', 'black-blue']
result = [string.split(x, '-') for x in input]

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