Focus problem

Danijel dpetrac at
Wed Nov 7 16:20:56 CET 2001

Sorry, I did'n thing about that.

OS is Win2000, ActivePython 2.1.1, build 2.1.2 and wxPython 2.3
(This information I send thru mail, because I don't have access to news
right now)


"Bill Bell" <bill-bell at> wrote in message
news:mailman.1005141909.14130.python-list at
> "Danijel" <dpetrac at>
> > I need that for validation check, when user enter some value into
> > TextControl, and go FROM THAT FIELD.
> Danijel, we'd need more information in order to answer your
> question: what OS? what software is involved? - Bill
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