Which Version for Absolut Beginner?

Erik Max Francis max at alcyone.com
Sun Nov 25 20:49:45 CET 2001

Fred Flintsone wrote:

> Yes, that is the one I picked up..."Learning Python."  It seems to be
> intended for those with little or no programming experience.  I am
> that, though I have done a little work with macros in Access...the
> operative word is LITTLE.

That will be fine.  _Programming Python_ contains all the information
you need, but unfortunately it is not presented in a very convenient
manner.  I would recommend _Learning Python_ (even if you're a modestly
experienced programmer to start with) and a reference such as _Python
essential referene_.

> I did download the 2.1.1 but noticed afterwards a suggestion for me to
> d/l "ActiveState," which is a larger d/l, so I'm assuming it has
> important goodies bundled in it.  Before I get going here, should I
> uninstall 2.1.1 and go for the ActiveState d/l?  (This message refers
> to Gillou's post above.)

That I couldn't tell you, since I don't regularly use Windows.  I've
used the unadorned Windows deliverables with no problems at all.

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