Win98 PySol problem

Matthew Dixon Cowles matt at
Sun Nov 25 05:42:07 CET 2001

On Sat, 24 Nov 2001 22:52:56 GMT, Bill Melcher <wpmelcher at>

Dear Bill,

>I found the code:
>>     if == "nt":
>>         if dither is not None:
>>             kw["dither"] = dither
>in in the PySol source package -

Yes, sorry. I should have mentioned where it was.

>I have commented out these lines in the module but now I have to deal
>with the creation of tkutil.pyc and pysol_21.pyc -- I think!

I see that Tyler Eaves has already pointed out that you don't have to
do that by hand.

>The makefiles that I see are clearly written for a unix-like os and I
>will attempt to figure out how to do a build in the Win98

There isn't much building required. You should be able to just run it.

python src/

works on my system. I think that the Makefile is just there to
automate installation and a few other minor things and installation is

>Yeah, sure - I have messed with high level languages since Fortran I
>on the I BM 704 mainframe but am stll a largely unreconstructed
>(rusty) assembler programmer.

<grin> Python has a few conveniences that even Fortran doesn't. And I
can tell you from person experience that it's more fun than IBM 360
assembly language.


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