New to pyton. Maybe a dumb question?

Eyal Lotem eyal at
Fri Nov 9 00:44:27 CET 2001

Cliff Pruitt wrote:

> I'm a little confused starting off.  Is it possible to create an
> application with Python that will run on any machine or doe sthe client
> machine have to
> have a python interperater installed?  I'm kind of lost as to how this all
> works.
> Thanks for answerign something so mindlessly basic.
Python must be interpreted, unless a native-code compiler is used. The only 
one I know of is the .NET ActiveState Python compiler (and I'm not even 
sure it is one).

This means that you have to have an interpreter running where you want to 
run Python code.  There are two approaches:
A) Require the interpreter to be installed, as you said.
B) Use a tool like py2exe and stick the Python code and its dependencies in 
the Python file, and hand over an interpreter DLL with the package.

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