Python Vim Module - works

Jonathan Gardner jgardn at
Mon Nov 12 18:00:26 CET 2001

I got it all to work. Thanks to a contribution by Tomas Zellerin, and a few 
more hacks, I think it all looks good.

I need some help to make it professional.

It's 2:00 AM here in Seoul, so I won't be getting any answers out for a few 
hours... =)
If you can get it to compile (just edit the Makefile to make it point to 
the right place...) try this with Vim 6.0:

$ gvim --servername TEST
$ python
>>> import vim
>>> vim.list()
>>> vim.send('TEST', 'iHello World!<ESC>')

You should see the string "Hello World!" neatly typed into the newly opened 
vim window!!!

Sorry, X11 only right now...


[ Note: This was cross-posted to vim-dev and python-list so I can go to bed 
sooner... ]

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