Jiba a11w at
Thu Nov 29 19:49:22 CET 2001

e toffi wrote:

> i was thinking (which i dont do often), and came up with an idea
> (which i *do* do often -- dont ask me how). the idea is pyplets -- the
> analogue to java applets with a fittingly silly name. anyway the
> premise is to define an api that lets programmers write small programs
> that execute in a browser.
> whatdyathink?

Very great idea !
I think Python has too weak point, compared to Java or other : speed (but 
psyco is coming) and client-side capabilities (apllet and web start).

There is also another Java technology that may be MUCH easier to implement 
: Java Web Start. This allows to launch Java apps from the web (just by 
clicking an hyperlink).

As you don't need to modify web browser (you can just add a mime-type for 
such link) it can be really easy to do, and can work with about any 

I was thinking to something like that but the lack of time as frozen it 

If we define an API, we may try to make it language-independant (this is 
THE wrong point about applet !). hat about scriptlet ??? This emphase 
another avantage of Python (or any other script language) : you may include 
the source directly in the HTML !

What ever you choose, i may help you !!! I think Python time is coming !


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