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> > I've downloaded the regular Python and had some problems running the .py
> > files,
> Inside the editor in PythonWin you should be able to pres "F5" and have your
> program run.
> > today I found
> > that "ActivePython" should be the best download for windows users....
> > Can anyone throw some light on this?
> It is indeed a very god distribution of Python for Windows.
> > Is this group too advanced for me?
> It's probably as advanced as you want it to be ;-)
> regards Max M

ActiveState's distribution includes the Pythonwin extentions taht have
been developed by Mark Hammond, who now works for ActiveState. This
module provides the best interface to the Windows API that exists. The
only other interface you may need is Sam Rushings Windll, and Dynawin
package. This package provides a lower level interface to windows

Sam Schulenburg

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