Sockets and messaging services

Stephen shriek at
Wed Nov 14 01:14:34 CET 2001

Thanks for the reply Laurent

> > I have a CGI script which takes a HTTP request then sends
> > a message to a custom server built on top of SocketServer.ThreadingTCPServer.
> > Not that there is much chance of webserver CGI saturating the latter,
> > but does Python have a messaging framework, similar to JMS for Java ?
> >
> Not that I'm aware.
> However, why reinvent the wheel and a new messaging framework?
> IMHO the SMTP and POP protocols provide the same benefit (and there
> are Python modules for those protocols).

Using a mailserver as a messaging platform for middleware ?
Now that's lateral thinking.  It also screams of "huge hack"
and I can't imagine it would be as flexible or scalable as a
proper message queue server.  Alternatives might be Pyro/CORBA/etc
but I don't think they deal with the queueing aspect.


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