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Károly Ladvánszky aa at
Mon Nov 5 11:20:52 CET 2001

Hi Edy,

I completely agree with you that it is both more efficient and more
entartaining to learn a programming language through working on a useful
If you are a student, I'd advise you pick up an interesting math problem and
work on it using Python. I'm sure your teacher will be happy to help you
find something.
This way you will make progress in both math and Python.

Good luck,


"Edy Lie" <ed at> az alábbiakat írta a következõ üzenetben:
news:9s5eq8$mhk$1 at
> Hi Everyone,
>    I am totally a new python wannabe coder. I have been switching between
> python and perl last few months. In Perl i could code some small scripts
> which does the work i wanted to but somehow in my mind it has been telling
> me that python is my choice.
> I have some doubts here
> 1. I would really want to learn this lang (What should i do?) i know
> of asking here i should start coding but i have no idea what should i
> Is there anyone in here willing to conduct a small class or at least
> out exercise to newbies to code ?
> 2. Another thing when doing coding if i am facing problem i tend to stop
> rather wanted to learn everything in a day or as fast as i could which i
> believe is a wrong approach. Is there anyone kind enough to give me some
> direction in order i could code something useful.
> Thanks for all the advices.
> Regards,
> Edy Lie.


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