Indenting with tabs vs spaces

Dave Cinege dcinege at
Sun Nov 25 01:54:34 CET 2001

On Saturday 24 November 2001 0:56, you wrote:

> Right.  You should be able to hit the "tab" key 10 times (or 5 times) to
> get 40 spaces, but the file you save to disk should have spaces.

Damn, that's stupid!

A tab has a byte value of '9'. How it's is displayed is completely arbitary, 
subjective, and the job of your editor. The fact the file will look
different between editors is a good thing. The idea all source files should 
not be able to be displayed any otherway then how the author first created 
them is:

(^^Yes and I just tabbed you!! HAHA)

Quite moot however....GOD has already decided.

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